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Training Center Twente, dé plek in Enschede waar je verschillende sporten kan uitoefenen met één abonnement. Keuze genoeg, we hebben o.a. CrossFit, Fitness, Bokszaktraining, Dames Kickboksen, Powerlifting en Personal Training.

With an open training area, you can feel the energy of all the different activities in the gym!

And once you are finished with your workout, feel free to join us in our chill-out zone with coffee, snacks, and sports drinks!



CrossFit - Training Center Twente Enschede

CrossFit Enschede

MMA - Training Center Twente Enschede

TCT Fight Club

Personal Training - Training Center Twente Enschede

Personal Training

Bokszaktraining - Training Center Twente Enschede

Boxing Bag Training

What clients are saying

Training?? Me?!? Who would have ever guessed that I would have liked exercising? And yet, they have succeeded with this at TCT! With an hour of personal training from Lisa, I feel like a completely different person! I can always train with her with confidence and push myself to my limit. With this, I am completely happy with my progress and my results, especially when I look in the mirror. I feel fitter and stronger and am more fit than ever. I can recommend anyone to go workout at TCT.

An excellent CrossFit box that is great for any level of training. The gym is not only function, but also has such a friendly community vibe. Recommended if you want to enjoy hard training.

TCT has been my second home for many years. I have enjoyed training here not only because of the location, but also because of the friendly atmosphere and professional coaching. I have gotten a lot out of CrossFit TCT. I am the fittests and strongest I have ever been. And now, you can combine CrossFit with general fitness and weight training at this gym. As far as I am concerned, TCT is the place to be in Enschede if you want to train!

A really nice gym with a wide range of activities, whether you want to workout with a group or individually or with professional guidance.

An investment in myself is how I see training at TCT. I train incredibly hard three times a week to feel proud in my own skin. TCT is close to the city center, has a good atmosphere, and overall is great quality. I have decided to stick with my personal training here, and I am very satisfied. Compliments to Martijn and Lisa!

Martijn and Lisa are the real deal. I have trained at TCT for a year, and I have never had this quality of training. The gym is conveniently placed and has a super cool look! The gym has the latest equipment, and feels like a family. Highly recommend TCT to anyone! Keep up the great work!